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Altman Appraisal Company, Inc.

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Altman Appraisal Company, Inc.

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Altman Appraisal Company has the resources for your appraisal needs

Since 1986

Altman Appraisal started serving the local market in 1986. With industry growth came changes that Altman Appraisal help pioneer. Now, with continuing growth and changes comes more opportunity to serve our clients.

10,000 appraisals

Through over 25 years, Altman Appraisal Company Inc., has taken part in over 10,000 appraisals. These have allowed a familiarity with the market that makes our services as accurate as possible.

Fully Staffed

Field personal,. Administration staff, Commercial appraisal resources, Single Family Residential appraisals, Vacant land appraisals, Lease-hold appraisals, a Stipulation Resolution Department, are all part of the team concept to bring more value to the client.

Types of Programs

Specialized programs are available for all size providers: from the individual wanting a home appraisal, to the businesses that require volume appraisals with rigorous reporting standards. All designed around the specific needs of the client.

Area Diversification

Altman Appraisal Company, Inc insures coverage in all areas of the state through internal resource technology, local field representation, and a complete review process.

Client Reporting

Program clients are provided with reporting that details all the aspects of the appraisal process, from the assignment initiation, until the delivered report. These reports provide tracking internally by requester, date, completion, percentage allocation in dollars and requester.

Multiple Channel Ordering

Assignments can be sent via E-mail and we will get the process started right away. All requests are verified for accuracy and compliance.



Types of Appraisals


Altman Appraisal Company, Inc., provides the reports set forth, in accordance with USPAP, for Limited Appraisals, Restricted Appraisals, and Complete Appraisals.

Special Request Appraisals


Special request appraisals are handled for clients whose needs are outside the ordinary and require resources that other appraisers do not have.


Altman Appraisal also provides limited specialized consulting to clients who have need of information regarding the marketplace. This can be useful in business location/relocation economics.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

USPAP provides the guidelines and practices for the industry to follow. The appraisal industry is mandated by the Federal Government and regulated by the State of South Carolina. Altman Appraisal Company adheres to these principles and practices as a matter of pride.


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Affordable - Accurate - Complete

Altman Appraisal Company

Columbia, SC

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